Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Love Write Project

Hi,  I'm Milosz a JavaScript Developer which previously used AngularJS and now fell in love with React and React-Native. I'm interested in mobile development and multi-platform solutions.
I volunteered for this competition to improve my programming skills and to do something that was on my mind for a very long time. . .

I love reading books, and not only novels by well know authors but especially young talents, and it makes me sad when I read really good story somewhere in the internet and then I see that this author is not presented to a wider audience. I asked some of them why they have not published any books yet? 
Answer was simple It is very hard to publish a book these days and above all it's hard to convince the publisher that we are worth their money. 
I want to end that problem!

I want to build a platform that unites writers around the world. It will be a web and mobile application that supports little-known writers. Every writer for free will be able to post and publish story or novel, and community will have an opportunity to read fragments or whole novels with able to monetary support the writer. The aim is to support writers on their journey to publish a book, and Introduce themselves to wider public. 

On this blog I will describe step by step the development process of this application.
App will be written fully in JavaScript(ES6) with React on front and NodeJS on back. 
Oh... the app will also run on mobile devices and for that I will use React-native.

It will be really long and hard journey but this kind of adventures are worth it!
If you think that you have an idea which improves something or help people in some kind of problem do not hesitate to start our environment needs new ideas and systems that will allow to develop every single one of us and together we can reach the stars.

Now, let's get back to development process! 
In my next post we will set up React with Babel and webpack !
I think that setting up a full JavaScript project it's a really great subject to start this blog with! 😁

PS  I'm sorry for any mistakes in text, this blog is also my opportunity to skill up my language